Introduction to culture.easy

culture.easy is an OKR (Objectives and Key Results) based product that drives teams and organizations into high-performance mode. Its primary benefits are strategic goal planning, monitoring execution, employee performance management, and employee engagement. By pushing teams into the high-performance mode, culture.easy helps organizations execute their audacious goals.

We believe achieving alignment is the key and first step. There is no point of spending hours on performance reviews when the team has worked on the wrong things. Our OKR driven path enforces alignment, drives people in the right direction, and then lets you choose features to address performance, feedback, and recognition aspects seamlessly.

Features of culture.easy

  1. Easily align the entire company on the “big picture”.

  2. Collaborate on goal setting and key outcomes.

  3. Know what strategic objectives your team members are working on along the quarter.

  4. Enable OKR creation and management by multiple stakeholders.

  1. Get your review processes out to everyone within minutes.

  2. Easily get the conversations started and retrospect the recent run.

  3. Realign on what matters.

  1. Collect constructive feedback anonymously and avoid confrontational conversations.

  2. Reduce performance feedback biases by factoring in multiple feedback sources.

  1. Track Individual contributions that are often forgotten by the time of annual reviews.

  2. Reinforce your company’s values through Praise badges. Amplify the positive feedback in real-time.

  1. Provides an opportunity for employees to voice their concerns and opinions in a safe and anonymous way.

  2. Customize your survey to your specific data collection needs.

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