Manager guide to Perf Reviews

Opening of a Perf Review Cycle

You will be notified about the beginning of a Perf Review cycle with an email from culture.easy

The email will contain details about the name of the review cycle and the deadline that you need to finish the reviews. You can also click on the link in your email to be directed to your self assessment in culture.easy

Manager's perf review cycle flow

Your todos with respect to this perf review cycle will appear in the order of priority on the Perf reviews dashboard screen.

Peer related todos will appear only when Peer reviews are enabled the cycle by your HR Admin

  1. If the perf review cycle has peer reviews enabled, managers are responsible for adding and finalising peers to their direct report's.

Employees wont be able to fill their peer assessments unless managers finish this step

2. Fill your self assessment. Refer to Employee guide to perf reviews for elaborate procedure.

3. As a manager you will have to fill assessments for your direct reports as-well. Click on the card and click Write under actions.

As a manager, you will be able to see your direct report's self assessment responses even before you fill your review to give you more context about your report's performance and achievements.

4. If Peer reviews are enabled in the review cycle, you will have to fill assessments for your peers similarly as you filled your direct report's assessments

Saving and Submitting an assessment

    • Click Save so that the responses wont be lost while you are working on them.

    • Click Save and Close, if you want to stop working on the review and resume later

    • Click Submit, if you are ready to submit your review.

By clicking on Submit, your review will be visible to your manager once they finish writing your assessment and you will not be able to make any further changes until your manager unlocks your assessment.

  • Your self assessment on the status on the self assessment card will change to 'Submitted'

Editing an assessment

As a manager, you can your assessment for your direct report at any point in time without requiring any additional access.

To edit your assessment

  • From the perf reviews screen, go to the assessment whose responses you want to edit.

  • Click on view

  • The performance review form opens, click on the edit icon.

  • Make the necessary changes to your responses

  • Click Save or Save and Close when done.

You can also edit the peer assessment responses of your direct report if need be there.

After submitting assessments

After submitting your assessments, wait for your HR Admin to share the perf review results with the company.

It is suggested that you and your direct report get into a one on one call and go over the assessment responses to see if you are agreeing with each other. If there is no objection from both parties, both of you can click Sign the Review and the assessment process gets completed.

To sign an assessment,

  • Go to sidebar -> Perf Reviews -> choose assessment

  • Click Sign Review from actions

Unlocking direct report's assessment

Incase discrepancies are identified in the assessment responses during the one on one call, you can edit your response directly but your direct report cant do so.

You will have to unlock your direct report's assessment for him/her to make changes to their responses. Once done with the changes, both parties can sign the review and the assessment process completes.

To Unlock the direct report's assessment,

  • Go to sidebar -> Perf Reviews -> choose assessment

  • Click Sign Review from actions

  • Scroll to the bottom of the form and click 'Unlock Employee's Assessment'

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