Employee guide to Performance Reviews

Opening of a Perf Review Cycle

You will be notified about the beginning of a Perf Review cycle with an email from the culture.easy

The email will contain details about the name of the review cycle and the deadline that you need to finish the reviews. You can also click on the link in your email to be directed to your self assessment in culture.easy

Filling assessments

Self assessment

Self assessment is the place where you can show off everything you have done in the chosen review period. Talk about your accomplishments, contributions, praises and OKRs.

You can reach the self assessment screen either by clicking on the link in your kick-off mail or from the app home screen or from the sidebar

  • From the sidebar, choose Perf Reviews.

  • Click View button from the active perf review cycle that appears.

  • An overview of your review cycle appears with due date details , number of reviews to submit and progress percentage.

  • In your todos, you can find the all the assessments you are supposed to fill in that review cycle.

  • Select 'Complete your self assessment' and click on Write.

  • A form with the perf review questions appears. Fill the responses by including all the contributions you've made in the past period.

  • Refer to the tab that shows OKRs and Praises so that you don't miss out on any important items you have accomplished

  • Continue to fill all the assessment responses

  • Click Save

Peer assessments

If Peer reviews are enabled in the review cycle, they appear in your todos as peer assessments.

Choose the assessment you want to fill and click Write.

Saving and Submitting an assessment

  • Click Save so that the responses wont be lost while you are working on them.

  • Click Save and Close, if you want to stop working on the review and resume later

  • Click Submit, if you are ready to submit your review.

By clicking on Submit, your review will be visible to your manager and you will not be able to make any further changes by yourself.

  • The status on your self assessment card will change to 'Submitted'

Editing an assessment

You can edit your assessment contents as long as the state is 'In Progress'.

This status will appear before you submit your assessment i.e if you have clicked either Save or Save and Close while exiting your assessment.

To edit your assessment

  • From the perf reviews screen, go to your self assessment

  • Click on Submit

  • The performance review form opens and the responses are editable.

  • Make the necessary changes to your responses

  • Click Save or Save and Close when done.

After submitting self assessment

After clicking submit on your assessment, wait for your manager to finish your review. You can also nudge your manager if the deadline is approaching and if your review hasn't been submitted yet.

Once HR admin to shares the perf review results, you will be able to see your manager's review.

It is suggested that you and your manager get into a one on one call and go over the assessment responses to see if you are agreeing with each other. If there is no objection from both parties, both of you can click Sign the Review and the assessment process gets completed.

To sign the self assessment,

  • Go to sidebar -> Perf Reviews -> self assessment

  • Click Sign Review from actions

Editing the assessment responses after submission

Incase discrepancies are identified in the assessment responses during the one on one call, you can edit your responses in the following ways.

Request HR Admin to Reset assessment

You can request your HR admin to reset a your assessment, which will persist the old answers but let you and your manager change your responses and resubmit.

Request HR Admin to Edit assessment

Since HR admin can edit anyone's responses, you can request the HR admin to directly edit the assessment responses to reflect your updates.

Requesting Manager to unlock the assessment

Managers can unlock your assessment for you to make changes and resubmit.

Visibility of assessment responses

  • As an employee, you wont be able to see your peer and manager assessments until the HR Admin shares the perf review cycle results with the organisation.

  • Your self assessment will be visible to your manager after you submit for giving him/her more context about your performance the past cycle.

  • Your peers wont be able to see the assessment you submit for them till the HR admin shares results.

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