Setting up culture.easy for your organization

As an admin, you will have to do some basic setup before starting with the features. As a part of the basic setup, you need to

  • Add employees to the app directory.

  • Setup the features of the app that you want to use in your company.

Adding employees to the Directory

Adding employees to the app is the first step to setup. In order to include your employees in OKR cycles, Performance cycles, and other cycles, they must be present in the app directory.

There would be two scenarios when you want to add new employees to culture. One, when you are setting up culture for the first time, and two when new employees join the company. culture facilitates ways for each of these scenarios.

Bulk upload employees

Bulk upload employees feature lets you add a number of employees to the directory at once. Common use cases for this are when you are first setting up culture for your company and want to add all of your employees to the app and when you have hired a large crowd and you want to add them to the existing employees.

To Bulk upload employees

  • Click on the settings icon from the top bar and select Add People

  • You will be directed to the 'Add People' screen

  • Select Bulk Create from the top bar.

  • Upload the employee CSV file matching the format of the sample CSV.

  • Map the columns of the excel sheet with what you want the details to be displayed as in culture and click next.

Add Individual Employee

Add Individual Employee feature lets you add employees one by one. A common use case for this is when a new hire joins the company and you want to add them to the app's directory.

To add individual employee

  • Click on the settings icon from the top bar and select Add People

  • Click Add a Single Employee from the top bar.

  • Fill in the form with the new employee details.

Enabling features in culture.easy

culture.easy has multiple features that help your company in strategic goal planning, employee performance management and employee engagement. But in some scenarios, you might want to use only some features in your company.

For this purpose, culture.easy lets you choose the features you want to use.

To enable/disable features,

Select the features you want to use.

  • You can enable or disable features at any point in time.

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