Admin guide to Perf Reviews

Admins in culture.easy can

  • Set up Performance Review cycles for the entire company or a selected group of people.

  • Monitor the Perf review cycle.

    • Nudge Reviewers and Reviewees.

    • Share review cycle responses with the employees.

  • Get an overview of Reviews in the Perf Review Cycle.

    • Edit any review response at any point in time.

Setting up a Perf Review Cycle

Setting up a Perf Review cycle is the starting point to conducting Performance reviews. Performance reviews are usually conducted quarterly, half-yearly and annually.

It is the responsibility of the admins to create Perf Review cycles for users to fill in their Performance reviews.

To create a Perf Review cycle

  • An admin settings dropdown opens, Click on Features

  • Select Perf Reviews from the feature tabs

  • Fill the name of the Review cycle, Review cycle description, select the cycle period

  • Choose the people who you want to be a part of the review cycle. You can either choose the entire company or select a specific group of people to take part in this cycle and click Next

  • Next, compose the questionnaire. The questionnaire by default consists of a couple of questions that are common in most of the performance reviews. You can edit or delete these questions by clicking on the respective icons.

  • Once the questions are final, click Next

  • Next, set the deadlines for submission and signing of the assessments and click Create Cycle

  • You can choose to inform the participants through mail about the starting of the Perf review cycle. Clicking on Email Now will trigger a Performance Review commenced email to all the reviewers and reviewees who are a participating in the review cycle.

  • If you do not wish to inform the participants immediately, click Email Later.

  • The Perf review cycle will be created.

Monitoring the Perf Review cycle

  • Once the perf review cycle is out, admins can see the status of reviews - whether they are started or in progress or submitted and can nudge the participants accordingly.

  • Admins can edit the content of reviews of participant, peers and manager at any point in time by clicking the pencil icon if need be there.

  • The edit history for any review is also visible to the admins.

Share Perf Cycle Results

  • Once participants are done submitting their reviews, admin must click Share results button for the reviews to be visible to participants. Till HR admin shares the results, reviewees will not be able to see any their manager and peer reviews.

Get an overview of Reviews in the Perf Review Cycle

Admins have the below abilities in the Perf Review Summary card

  • can get an overview of the performance review cycle. The overview includes details such as number of Reviewee Submissions, number of Reviewer Submissions and the number of closed assessments. A Nudge button is present next to the submissions count for admins to nudge the participants to submit reviews

  • He/She can see the assessment responses of any participant by searching their name in the participant search box

  • Admins can also Reset and Delete Assessments of the participant if necessary.

When Admin clicks 'Reset Assessment', the status of the assessment will change to 'IN PROGRESS' allowing the participants to edit the previously filled review responses and resubmit.

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