Tying Ratings to Reviews

In certain scenarios like Annual appraisal cycles, organisations may require to enable employee ratings as a part of performance reviews. You can do that in culture.easy with a couple of additional steps to the regular Performance review cycles. Lets take a look at how the performance cycle flow will look like when you want to have ratings tied to reviews

1. Admin to add a rating question and select appeal window

During the creation of the cycle, HR Admin can add a Rating question by simply clicking on the checkbox in the questionnaire section.

When performance rating question is enabled in a cycle, employees might want to appeal to the rating given to them. For this reason, HR admins can select an optional appeal window in the 'Set Timeline' section. During this period, employees can raise an appeal to request changes to their review rating.

2. Employees to raise an appeal

Once the HR admin shares review responses with the employees, cases may arise when certain employees are not satisfied with the rating they have received and want to request changes. This can be done before the appeal window closes.

3. HR admin's to close the appeal:

After employees raise their appeal, HR admin can either reject the appeal or accept it, make necessary changes and close the appeal.

4. Auto-sign of employee assessments:

Assessments of employees who have neither appealed nor signed will be moved to Signed state on the auto-sign date set during creation of the review cycle. Further changes cannot be made to review responses after this date.

Assessments for which appeals were raised must be signed manually by the employees

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