How to check in your key results?

What is a check-in?

Check-ins play a major role in an objective life cycle. They give an opportunity to evaluate whether you are on the right track, identify issues, and to see how your progress has impacted the key results. Frequent periodic check-ins are recommended to make goal tracking a part of your company culture and to accomplish objectives.

Check-ins in culture.easy

You can only check-in the KR's that you are owner of. To check-in a key result

  • From OKR's find the Objective you want check-in.

  • Click check-in

  • The progress bar displays KR progress.

Feedback on KR check-ins

culture.easy enables people involved in an objective to provide feedback on the progress of key results in form of comments. These comments can help capture any blockers, suggestions and help maintain the context of an objective which can help in retrospection.

To leave comments on an Key result

  • Find the Key result you want to comment on

  • Add your comment in the comment input box

OKR check-in Best Practices

OKR check-ins are crucial for accomplishing the defined OKRs. Periodic check-ins are suggested to reap the maximum benefits. Check-ins provide an opportunity to evaluate what’s happened prior to check-in and to review how recent tasks affected your goal progress and retrospect on the next steps to accomplish the key results.

Set an agenda for check-in meetings to evaluate, retrospect and reflect on goals.

Follow these steps for an effective check-in process:

  1. Choose a moderator to handle the check-in meetings.

  2. Start check-ins as soon as you craft OKRs for a quarter.

  3. Pick a day every week and conduct the check-in activity within the team.

  4. While checking in, monitor the below aspects:

    1. Take a moment to reflect on what happened since the last check-in.

    2. Update check-ins with progress

    3. Capture any feedback, blockers in the check-in comments.

    4. Get confidence whether the KRs can be achieved.

    5. Discuss tasks that can help achieve the KRs. Plan for next week's activities.

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